Detoxify Your Tummy

Detoxify your tummy with our 2 stage product. Not only does it assist with providing an healthier environment for your body with assisting in digestion, detoxification and elimination.  The health benefits include lowering your total & LDL Cholesterol, while raising HDL levels. 


 detoxify your tummy and sleep better

With 2 easy to understand formulas one just the first week to kickstart your body and the other for regular gentle maintenance. As I am a regular user of the product, I can tell you it will help you to have a happy, healthy body all day long.  Not only do you detoxify and replenish your body with probiotics and antioxidants, but it will assist with weight management.  This in turn helps with maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Start Your Morning Right

The  formula has ProDura® Bacillus coagulans. Which is a spore-forming probiotic that is superior to competing non-spore probiotics. You will discover it helps to lower cholesterol, raise HDL levels and lipid status as well as improve those with lactose intolerance.

Imagine being able to enjoy simple things in your meals…like ice cream!

Relax at Night with

This product is designed to detoxify. Comprised of a powerful whole food nutrient drink. While it is traditionally in use in herbal medicine as both a laxative and a diuretic. Which helps treat digestive disturbances.

This formula may even assist the body fight an overgrown Candida yeast infection, raise nutrient absorption and increase overall metabolism.

Just think of all the discomfort and money you will save when using this product.

Let me help you start now in making your tummy a happy place.  Bring your weight management back into your control.

Personal Note

I have used other cleanses or detoxes from other companies.  In researching them, none have as strong of statements and data to back them up. 

Finally this product when paired with the Beverage adder provides a 1-2-3 knockout punch to your weight.  It brings weight management to a whole new level of progress and results.  Try it today!

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