Embrace Your Curly Hair, Say Adios to Bad Hair Days

It doesn’t matter if you have been blessed with Curly hair or straight hair, we are never happy. However, you can embrace your curly hair if you have the right tools to help you control and style it. We have found an amazing company that can help you whether you are a type 1A or a 4C. Having the right hair tools for natural hair care is a must-have.

Go From Despising Your Curly Hair to Loving It!

To give you a bit of background, growing up I had straight hair with a nasty cowlick. I kept my hair short until high school, but it was still very straight. Through the years and several hairstyle changes, my hair stayed the same. Then about 6 years ago, I was getting frustrated as my hair was starting to frizz. I thought it was all the “fighting hiding the grays” efforts, but broke down and went to a “real” salon.

The Stylist I saw that day was horrified when I told her I wanted to chop off my long hair as I couldn’t stand the frizz. She took her time and explained to me that I was not drying my hair correctly. And then told me my hair had curls. WHAT!!! Boy did I have a lot to learn, and I am still learning!

What is Natural Hair

Natural hair is hair that has no alterations from chemical straightening . This includes such things as relaxers & Texturizers. Typically seen with those with black hair which ranges from wavy to kinky-coily hair. What ever your hair type, you need to know how to manage the Natural Hair, especially when it comes to the “Unmanageable” stage.

What type is your hair?

While there are many ways to classify or type your hair, the most common one is Andre Walker. According to Wikipedia, there are 4 major categories from 1 – 4, which classifications of a, b, c, d in each one. 1 means straight hair and 4 means tight kinky curls. The letter signifies just how much curl you have. In my research to see what type I am, it appears I am a 2B/2C. Ok I can deal with that. But how?

Are you damaging your hair? Did you know that your daily routine may actually be hurting your hair. That’s right, your shampoo and conditioner may not be what your hair needs. Not to mention, all those other “styling” aids you use to help control the curls, but then they become frizzy and unruly. Stop the madness. Embrace your curly hair! Go to a reputable salon that specializes in your hair. Find out what type you are and move forward. Your hair may thank you with solid Great Hair Days forever!

Not going back to natural

Going back to natural hair when you have curly hair doesn’t mean you cannot color it or have some fun with your hair. I am mostly gray if I let my hair go, but I continue to fight it. Why? Because I don’t like acting my age. Let them keep guessing. So going natural simply means that you will allow the curls to do as they are created to do. Let them spring up. Don’t wash it with shampoo every day, you are stripping away the natural oils found in your hair that are necessary for your curls to behave their best. By finding the best daily and weekly routine, products and tools; you will love your curly hair rather than curse it.

Having the Right Tools

Now, I mention above that you need to find the right tools as well as products. What is even better is that when asked “what hair types is this for”, their response was “do you shampoo your hair?” That tells me that everyone can benefit from getting the right tools for their hair, not just those of us blessed with curly hair.

  • Scalp massaging brush – spa-like feel – getting shampoo down to the scalp. What better way than to have a tool in your arsenal that helps get the shampoo down to the roots, where it is necessary. And you don’t have to rip a nail – yes, I have snagged my own nails trying to get the shampoo down to the roots where it was needed.
  • Deep Conditioning cap – After placing in microwave to heat it up, put this plastic cap on when deep conditioning. Why bother deep conditioning your hair? It helps get your deep conditioning conditioner down to the hair strands where it needs to be. Thus, it elongates the amount of moisture in your hair throughout the week.
  • Detangling brush – An incredible brush with a unique design that is flexible. It moves with hair around the shape of your head to get tangles out without breaking the hair. When hair breaks, it creates split ends which makes the hair appear frizzy.
  • Towel – soft microfiber cotton towel that eliminates more breakage and split ends. The microfiber allows the hair to not entangle in the fibers. Unlike a normal towel which many times our hair will wrap itself around bits of the towel. Even better is that it turns into a turban, so easy to balance on your head without the weight of a heavy towel.
  • Spray Bottle – This bottle holds 300ml of fluid. Which means it holds your water and oil mixture for an entire week. In addition, the bottle itself has continuous spray to moisturize your hair. No more pumping action necessary. Just spray where you want it. For those with Type 4 hair – whether it is 4a, 4b, 4c or 4d, this is a must and this bottle is heaven sent.

Time to Invest in Your Curly Hair

What is your hair worth? Is it worth having better hair days and no longer fighting it to stay as you style it? Right now many of us are looking for time saving solutions. However additionally, when it comes to caring for our hair and budget the two can seem to argue. For the best combined solution we have discovered an incredible Savings & Benefits Membership Club! I love that I search for anything I am looking for and Incredibly, they have stores where I can save money while pampering myself. Read up on all that it has for you, then jump in!

In conclusion, you owe it to yourself to embrace the hair you have. You deserve that. Always. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. One benefit of having hair you can embrace is that you build your self esteem. Perhaps it is time to take it a step further. You really need to check out more of what we have here on our site. We have clothes that are sexy but comfy as well as makeup that you can experiment with and look your best. Now, check out this amazing club Today!