What an evolutionary time we are in with Crypto and the Global Economy. I understand that many of us are more than likely focusing on the money, whereas Crypto is something many are unfamiliar with and because of that unknown, people doubt quickly. What is incredible is that today, in 2024, less than 3% of the World has something called a Crypto Wallet.


Let me ask you this, are you one of the 3% or the 97%? If you are one of the 97%, Congratulations! We are going to get you set up with not, just 1, but at least 2 Crypto Wallets right here on this informational, for education purposes only page you are reading. However, as we all know, the Crypto world is still expanding, growing and becoming more popular. So be sure to come back here to see other opportunities of crypto will will be offering here.

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Yes you found the location where you can get going with the Famous Crypto Mining Watch. GO HERE. There is even more to it, and we are just beginning the journey of making our Health Data Secure and Safe.

We are sharing NEW TECHNOLOGY and something BIG here. Pay attention. We are educating you on Cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain, and how it is impacting our lives currently. The future however leaves a ton of opportunity and betterment to mankind. We are proud you found our article, and be sure to keep learning. This is an incredible piece of our future. Enjoy.

Crypto Wallets:

These are locations where you can store your digital assets, as in Crypto Currencies. These are tokens. Though tokens, unlike fiat cash (like what you have in your Wallet) can be broken down to fractions of a unit. Not 100 pennies in a dollar fractions, but down to as few as 1 millionth (or smaller). It allows for an absolute number of Token and then an absolute ceiling that provides for a more stable amount of exchange or value of the token. Furthermore, we have been using digital cash or currency for decades. This is just managed without failure or fraud. Amongst so many other strong and protecting (of our privacy and freedoms) methods of use. Because technology should be adding freedoms, not bondage to our lives. As a result you will be seeing more and more solutions moving to the Blockchain.

We recommend that you start with an account with the following exchanges/wallets:

  1. Coinbase. We even have an offer of $10 in Bitcoin when you set up your account and buy or sell $100 on their platform. This is a great holding location for your Crypto-Currencies as they work with and allow for the trade of; several top tier Crypto Currencies. How we work with these will be listed below. As we found that this is entirely new information for so many. We are going to educate you here, and if you need more help; we will connect you with a Growth Community to support you and being a part of the new digital economy. And if you think you don’t need help, then you are already admitting you need help. Because this is happening; and ignorance is only going to cost you in time, income and opportunity. Even experts in this field are constantly working with others to learn and adapt to this new way of life with the new money.
  2. Vyvo Smart Chain Wallet. This is the latest addition we see here in 2022. This wallet is tied to the Vyvo Coin as well as it allows for the transfer and exchange of top Crypto Currency tokens. As with most exchanges, there is a native cryptocurrency and protocol token for this exchange. This is the Vyvo Coin, which has a symbol of VSC. See the detailed information below in order to understand this even more. We have been waiting for this particular solution for years. Because we are patient, we see the technology available today to ensure the success of this project.

These 2 Wallets represent 2 amazing situations in today’s Crytpocurrency and Blockchain driven changes in the World as we know it today.

With Coinbase, you will be able to buy or sell top Coins. You will be able to be aware of new coins that are vetted and added to Coinbase’s Platform for your access. Then with the Vyvo Smart Chain Wallet you will be connected with what we see as one of the most incredible solutions having to do with Blockchain technologies to better the World. It is all about decentralized health data. Because our Health Data should be protected. Always

As you expand your understanding, you may add additional wallets for your use with specific Blockchain and Token combinations for solutions to come. Or you may want to delve into the alt (or alternative) coin directions. There are hundreds, if not thousands (more coming out daily) alternative coins. These coins or tokens (same definition really) are on different exchanges. While we have delved into alternative tokens, we have found that for us, it has been best to focus on specific projects and top tier coins that are on the top exchanges.

Everyone Should be Participating in Mining of Crypto:

It is something that is crucial to being a part of the future, as well as gaining personally, and more. This is a great educational direction to take you on as well. Understanding how our “Currencies” are created and then how we can participate. Because this is not “known understanding” with most of us; this becomes very good information to know.

Firstly, We recommend that everyone sign-up with this Free Program called Computta:

Go here and get set up. You will need to download the program onto your 64-BIT Computer. Full details of this are located here. This is a way to utilize your Computer’s CPU and GPU processing power when you are not utilizing it. You are connected through an awesome system that mines in a huge community. Mining Cryptocurrency. And you are rewarded for being a part of it in actual Bitcoin BTC.

Secondly, We recommend that EVERYONE get connected with Vyvo:

This is not only a Crypto Wallet, but it is a Blockchain Innovation in Decentralized Digital Health. We cannot explain this enough, but it is very very very needed. It is solving the problems of creating an Anonymized, Decentralized Digital Health Database for use in making medical solutions and directions even better. It is creating privacy of our Health Data. Giving us access to keep it locked and secure until we want to allow its use. And it is connected with functioning wearable tech to create “Proof of Sensing” which creates the Vyvo Smart Chain token, or VSC.

If you need more information, go here and see the latest in how and what this Vyvo Smart Chain, and the Wearable Devices are all about. See full details here. We will continue on below to help you understand the awesome things that are happening with Vyvo.

Vyvo Smart Blockchain: The First Decentralized Digital Health Platform:

The Vyvo Coin is the native cryptocurrency and the protocol token of the Vyvo Smart blockchain. The Vyvo Coin symbol is VSC and depending on the time of 2022 that you are reading this, this incredible project should be progressing by year and target as listed below:

March 2022 (PHASE 1)

  • Publish Vyvo Smart Chain White-Paper 1.0 (Project White Paper). This will be telling the World about this Decentralized Digital Health Platform.
  • Deploy of Vyvo Smart Chain (Ethereum Fork). We will cover this more and more in our online training sessions for this project.
  • Installation of 7 Nodes (to grow to 21). These will continue to grow. This is part of the Staking direction that is evolving and being released in later Phases.
  • Mint Vyvo Coin genesis block. And the first issuance of VYVO Coin to existing members and partners. Definition of max supply, distribution, and circulation strategy. This is where our Online Community that jumped in on this project will be smiling big.

Token Distribution and Conversion for us. Members of our Marketing Family gain upwards of hundreds of thousands of Vyvo Coins:

  • Token Distribution and Conversion: Vyvo existing Members will be able to start the conversion of Vyvo Token from Vyvo Reward Tokens (A process that ended February 2022). This is for previous (to March 2022) Vyvo Community Members. If you were a part of our Community, prior to March 2022, you would have even more opportunity with this project. Well, with many projects. If you are not a member of our Community, ask me how to join in. Because we are huge, and with the strength of numbers, we get more. Because we create more.
  • Vyvo Wallet Tank following T&C. This is awesome, and is for use with Vyvo Coins and more.
  • Vyvo Smart Devices Data Mining Rewards system will continue the current Token program but with the new Vyvo Coin. The more the devices are used by the user, the more mining of Vyvo Coins that can occur.
  • Vyvo Network will deploy the Digital Console feature to distribute Vyvo Coin through the Referral program. This will be using the Vyvo Coin quota described in the “Distribution of Vyvo Coin”. This is going to be covered in our Training. As a result of this though, we will be able to participate in more ways of earning and mining the Vyvo Coin.
  • Launch of the website. This will allow for introduction to the Vyvo Smart Chain and DDH. Being at the beginning of a launch allows you to know more than the public. As the public is made aware, this is where the growth can happen.
  • Platform and ecosystem project. The Platform that is built here is also a complete ecosystem.

And something HUGE. We begin connecting the Users to this incredible Eco-System and Decentralized Digital Health Platform and Community:

  • Users can download Vyvo Smart Chain Wallet for Android and IOS. Plus, they can activate the wearable devices for both use and in Mining the Vyvo Coin. This is where we see the “currency” happen. You have heard “Show me the Money”… well this is “Show me the Currency!”.
This is what we have been patiently waiting for. Then as we progress through 2022, even more is happening. All leading on a journey to something revolutionary in our World for Health Data and Health Services. And so much more.

JUNE 2022 (PHASE 2)

  • Vyvo will offer “VSC” via a regulated STO/ICO for 100 Million USD.
  • At the end of the STO/ICO, VSC will be listed on major regulated exchange platforms and secondary market regulated platforms (including This is where we all get to see the fun begin with our Vyvo Tokens. The World will be hearing about this. From the exchange and buzz of Marketing through the Crypto World. We have a real solution to real problems. Fun times for sure are ahead here.


  • Publish Vyvo Smart Chain White Paper 2.0 (Technical White Paper).
  • Implementation of the Proof of Sensing protocol, hardware and software. This is where everything that has been “On wait” for this to become a reality takes place. Several Blockchain Projects and their attributed Tokens have and are talking about solutions such as this. We are first to market, and with solutions and devices. Plus we know an incredible Marketing Family that has taken this on to share it Globally. Here we go!
  • Data-Mining reward system will be migrated to the “Proof of Sensing” mining protocol. This new mining, validation and consensus protocol offered by POS-VSC20 enabled IoT devices. This is also a release of new wearable tech. NOTE: Old devices not compatible with the POS-VSC20 will continue the data mining using the Phase 1 reward system. We will be growing and gaining ground in amazing ways as we share the Wearable Technologies to allow for better Data Generation. All on a Decentralized Digital Health Platform.

Q2 2023 (PHASE 4)

  • Stake capability made available. Available opportunity made available to Community Members to reach full decentralization with validators and consensus nodes structure.
  • Deployment of the first community running nodes on testnet.
  • Milestone of 200 nodes to move to Mainnet.

Q2 2024 (PHASE 5)

Open Data Stream capability for Data buyers with deployment of API and SDK to pull data from the DDH Platform.

This is where lots and lots of Opportunity and directions for the Decentralized Digital Health Platform become available to the World. 3rd Parties can now tie in and create and innovate while utilizing this DDHP. The more this is utilized, the more it grows, the more that subscribe to its uses and benefits the more it has value.

This is why we chose to back this program. It is not hype of what is to come, but bringing on solutions with devices and methods already working and deployed. And only getting better over the roll-out of the next few years. Until its entire goal is met and available to be utilized fully.

Not only are we sharing this here in this very article, but we are more than happy to have a further conversation with you on this. If you are registered to our Email Updates, just reply to us and let’s connect. If you are not registered, simply register to the right of this Article, and then reply to your welcome email, and we will connect. =============>>>>>>>>>