Creating a New Page Using Word Press

First sentence, first paragraph when creating a new page or modifying an existing needs to have your keyword/phrase in it. So to do that, you need to identify your topic.

What Direction are you going to take it?

So the topic no matter what it is, deserves your personal attention. Think about the product. Can you personally relate to it? In addition, do you have knowledge about the product or the problem the product will solve? If not, time to research. But most of all, take pride in your page, which in turn, puts pride into your business.

creating a new page and keeping you awesome

Where to go to Research?

  • Google
  • Product’s Website
  • Other people who may know
  • Tuesday night or Saturday Morning calls when it was launched – TAKE NOTES

Creating a List for ideas in the new page

What key points are they making?

Read the website – dig in, get dirty.

These ideas may help you with the key word/phrase too!

Figuring out the Keyword/Phrase – Resources

  • Jaaxy
  • Google
  • Your Instructor! They may already have Jaaxy and be willing to assist you with a quick lookup. But don’t just expect them to do it. Do some prep work. Again, which direction do you want to take this?

Start Creating the new page

Now just start typing. Don’t worry about the mispelled words right now, you can come back to them. Get your thoughts out there. If you want to use a notebook, do it. Whatever way works best for you to get your thoughts out before you lose them. You can do it as an outline at first and come back to expand it and encompass that thought into a full sentence or paragraph.

Minimum Requirements When Creating a New Page


Must appear in:
Your Title
The first paragraph
Meta Description
Image Alt Attributes (the box that appears on the far right side of this screen when you click on the picture)
Enough times in the Headings to Satisfy Mrs. Yoast
Enough times in the content overall to satisfy Mrs. Yoast
Isn’t one you already used

Images aka Pictures

At least 1 picture, no more than 3
Keep them smaller on the page – not full size. Meanwhile remember, Google doesn’t like the competition.
Use pics from:
Dropbox link (get from your instructor)
Your own personal pics you create
Ones from Google Images
Other sources where you either have permission to use or are copyright free

Get everything written out first, then go back to make it pretty. Re-iterate the important parts through out your page at least 3 times. Repetition helps them remember.

If you are creating the page before it is officially launched, just leave it in draft and wait for the Outbound link to arrive (usually in Suforia).

Do make sure you are at least 300 words, more is better. Do not forget to make Mrs. Yoast happy! Do not forget to not use the same words consecutively in sentences. Do not forget to use links in your page if you have links for the offer.

Outbound: Leaves your site – make sure you click the “Open in new tab”
Internal: You are keeping them on your site, just to another product that you can cross market with – Ex: Curst Kosmetics.


Transition words vs Passive Voice
Also, use the “Eye” helper for both just not at same time.
Passive voice will Highlight in purple those you need to fix.
Transition words highlights the areas that already HAVE transition words.
So: Passive no purple – Transition Loves Purple

We want you to have fun creating pages. We love it when our students feel amazing about the pages they create. Just have fun, we also encourage to think outside the box when it comes to putting your own twist on modifying the pages. We just want you to follow the system.

After you have finished creating your new page, it is time to celebrate! Let’s pop a cork on some fine wine and toast yourselves to a job well done!