Corona Beer Virus – Preventive Actions

Corona Beer Virus…Wait this virus has nothing to do with the beer Corona. Or does it? We are just going to have some fun with this. We’ll examine some of the illogical as well as the logical parts of reacting to the Corona beer Virus. And having a little satirical fun is lightening the mood.

Why the Panic Attack?

corona beer virus

Not to say a Corona Beer will keep the virus away. Many companies are taking the Coronavirus extremely seriously, almost to the point of hysteria. At my full-time job, I have several, as in dozens, of customers inquiring as to how the Coronavirus is going to affect our business in the next 3 months. Then they are also asking about our supply chain. Are the effects of the coronavirus going to affect our ability to produce their products? Are we even making anything in China? What is our

People, I have to tell you it is actually getting very frustrating on my end because it takes time out of my day to work on other customer requests. I have done several responses to customers and as many of you know me, I can be sarcastic.

The Panic is Real.

In the manufacturing industry, the panic is real because many of our suppliers are based in China. They have already been shut down for a few weeks because of their Chinese New Year celebrations that didn’t happen. They were for the most part in confinement the entire time. We heard from one owner who for the first time ever spent the whole holiday at home away from the factory. The funniest part is that his children were driving him nuts.

In my previous company, we use a lot of copper. It is in the varying wires we use in winding the products we manufacture. The irony is that we actually exited at the end of 2019 from a location in China due to the “encouragement” of their government. We are not as affected as other companies who have production occurring in those areas.

Corona “Beer” Virus response

So my standard response has been that “As of this moment Corona Virus has no impact on BH. If it does we will be alerting the affected customers as we make that determination’.

How I want to respond is this: We are taking precautions for preventing the spread of the Corona Virus by providing each employee with a bottle of Corona Beer at each break time, including lunches. We are also encouraging each employee to take a 6 pack home with them for the weekend to build their immunity.

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