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Get started with Computta Free Bitcoin.  I cannot believe just how easy this is!  It is also so very addicting to just watch the numbers increase!  I have now turned both my laptop and our old desktop into 24, 7 money generators for free!  100% Autopilot. 100% FREE!  Everyone is invited! Simple 2 Step Set-up. Check out the video by clicking the link and start generating money.

Computta-Free Bitcoin

When you download Computta-Free Bitcoin on your computer(s), you can download it onto 5 different devices.  Then start sharing your link with family and friends.  Your “value” increases quicker!  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Seriously though it is just 3 simple steps.  First, just hit on this link. Then, watch a quick video. Third, download and register.  Your computer does the rest of the work.  Best of all it is free!

Be Your Own Bank

It sounds simple enough, but people still are not believers that you can truly be your own bank.  Make your computer work for you.  With Computta, you get started for free.  You have your own link to share with family and friends.  Trust me, those that join with you will thank you sooner rather than later.  When I signed up I literally did what I am telling you to do.  Within minutes after the installation, my computer was generating bitcoin.  We call this mining.

How interesting is it that your computer can work for you making you an income that you can later cash out.  It seems almost like from an episode from the 1960-70’s cartoon, “The Jetsons“!  Think of your computer as R.U.D.I, George Jetson’s work computer.  It just keeps making “sprockets” or in this case, Bitcoin!  Quick bit of trivia: R.U.D.I. stands for Referential Universal Differential Indexer.

So what is “Bitcoin”?

Bitcoin is a new currency.  They call it Cryptocurrency because it is digital or virtual and is extremely difficult to counterfeit due to cryptography which is used for security.  First, think of it as a secure bank account that the debit card cannot be hacked.  Next, the bank itself is actually like multiple banks, no single one has complete control.  The group is decentralized.  No single corporation controls the actions.  The underlying technical system was created by a the group or individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Why You need to own Bitcoin

When it comes to owning Bitcoin, you need to really take a deep look at how the world is doing now and where does it appear to be going next? With BTC, there are still many non-believers and recently we have seen the value of BTC specifically jump to $62K and then take a quick dip back down. This is growth, even the little dips in value can reflect a significant growth and stability of anything of value. You see, the Stock Market does the same thing and has for decades! That is why you need to take a more serious look at owning BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

The Next Big Debate:  Stock Markets vs Crypocurrency

The world revolves around individual countries’ stock markets.  According to an article written by Bruce Powers with, many of the different equity markets were strong in 2017.  For instance, let us take a look at Zimbabwe, they were the top performing stock market with 117.7 percent advance.  However the top cryptocurrency, Ripple surpassed Zimbabwe with an unbelievable 28,963 percent on return!  Check out more data from this article.

With performances like this it is hard to believe that we can offer up the opportunity with Computta and Free Bitcoin instantly when you download here.

Coinbase – Your Wallet to protect your Tokens

What is a wallet?  It is a software program that protects your digital assets.  It also allows you to send, receive and store these same digital assets.  Think of it as a bank account – just way more secure!

Do I need one?  The short answer is yes!  The long answer is also yes, but choosing the right Blockchain Wallet is also important.  Read more by clicking on this link as to why We believe Coinbase is the best because it is the easiest to start for those just beginning to enter the crypto world.

Computta-Free Bitcoin 

So how is it we can offer up this opportunity to you today?  Do you have 3 minutes?  Think about this, is a first of it’s kind service that was created by professionals of cryptocurrency that will enable anyone and everyone’s computer to make their own digital money for their owners.

In just 2 simple clicks you too can be up and mining on your computer.  If this still seems too good to be true, I would like to invite you to just try it.  You can always uninstall later if you aren’t interested, but can you truly risk not trying?  You do not even need to have any tech skills, just turn on your computer and click your mouse.  I have been using this since just after Christmas and am just so excited for everyone I know and those I haven’t gotten to know yet to get on board as quickly as they can!

>>>Come have some fun!<<<


Bitcoin is Expensive

In recent weeks, many have written about how getting going with Bitcoin can get expensive.  We have watched from the sidelines as a flurry of activity has spawned so many transactions.  This is potentially because of the fluctuation of Bitcoin value skyrocketing to $20,000, dipping to $16,000.

Since bitcoin transaction process are currently proceeding slowly there is an influx of all these transactions.  In turn it is causing a huge backlog in the transactions which are not getting confirmation.  There is nothing you can do once you start a transaction.  You cannot cancel bitcoin transactions.  Users just have to wait for  the confirmation.  The other reaction to this upside in transactions is that the transaction fees have significantly increased as well to an average of $20-$25 per transaction.

Other services in the industry reportedly have halted temporarily the processing of BTC.  You may have even heard about this on social media outlets.

Computta pays out

A great attribute with Computta, they aren’t halting payments, just slowing them down to once every 48 hours.  Why do this?  They want the consumer, their customers to have FREE transaction fees.  They are also working to keep costs minimized by doing payouts to users in batches, rather than individual transactions. makes it even easier on their users by keeping the minimum payout low.  They actually reduced it on January 1, 2018!  When you are on their website, they even have a link that proves their payouts.  Basically Computta-Free Bitcoin is real.

Not an MLM!

Computta started in Mid-June 2017.  November 2017, the completion of the beta-testing phase.

In order for a company classification as an MLM (Multi-level Marketing), there needs to be a product, specifically, a product or service that can be SOLD.  Because Computta offers a service of “leisure mining” or “profitable computing” as they call it, allowing everyone with a decent computer generate cryptocurrency using our Smart Miner app. This service is 100% free and it will always be. While there are NO paid “upgrades” or “plans” and never will be any because there is nothing to sell.

Another reason Computta is not an MLM, you need to have a Compensation Plan.  That is why we say “Computta-Free Bitcoin“.  Just click and go!

Having said that, our affiliate program is NOT a product in itself (this is how I got into it). It’s only a marketing tool, a way to effectively spread the word about Computta and allow our users increase their earnings by making commissions from their referred users.  If you are interested in our affiliate program I would love for you to join us, go here for more information.

Computta-Free Bitcoin – come on board today!


We are growing every day. This is low-risk. You have no investment costs.  It truly is Computta-Free Bitcoin!  Now what are you waiting for?  Download the SmartMiner App now!