Celebrate Oktoberfest Favorite Desserts

Celebrate Oktoberfest with favorite German derived desserts. While most of us associate and celebrate Oktoberfest with a beer, it wasn’t the original intention. Did you know that Oktoberfest celebrations started in 1810 as a way to celebrate the marriage of the Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. It was held in a meadow named after the princess. Everyone must have had fun that they keep having a similar celebration year after year!

Traditions to Celebrate Oktoberfest

Here are some quick fun facts about Oktoberfest that I have come across. Firstly, no one raises a mug or stein of beer until the Mayor raises his. Originally it was only a week long celebration, but now seems to extend all month long and starts in September. In Munich, where Oktoberfest originates, only beer crafted within Munich is available to consume during the celebration.

Another little known fact is that with the festival originally set for celebrating a marriage, along with an incredible feast (Germans love to eat), the celebration included a horse race. This annual celebration continues in Bavaria, though the horse race is no longer. With over 200 years of celebrating it has only ever been cancelled 24 times primarily due to wars or epidemics.

Foods that Celebrate Oktoberfest

Food is a great way to celebrate events and Oktoberfest is no different. One favorite at celebrations here in the US is brats. A former co-worker of mine has his own recipe for cooking bratwursts. If you have never had a bratwurst, you are missing out.

Brat recipe

What Brian does is he takes a specific brand of brats, simmers them in German beer with cut up onions, garlic and black pepper. Because of the quantity he cooks, if I recall correctly, he uses an aluminum pan that can be placed on the grill. You need to make sure that this does not boil as you will risk the meat coming out of the brat casings. The process takes about 2 hours. Be sure to have friends over to enjoy the time with you as they simmer! Nothing better than celebrating Oktoberfest with friends. And while typically the guys will all be enjoying their brews, the ladies can enjoy their favorite wines.

Now most Germans tend to feel that no brat is true german-style without sauerkraut. Personally, I am good with dressing my brat with some ketchup, mustard and raw onions. Everyone has their preferences.

Appetizers & Side Dishes

A popular appetizer that some may not realize is from Bavaria Germany is the soft Pretzel. Beer and pretzels are an incredible pairing by themselves, but when you get your hands on a soft pretzel the next thing you are looking for is a dipping sauce or cheese to enhance it even further.

Another great appetizer for Oktoberfest is potato pancakes. This versatile little patty of potatoes can also be topped with so many different toppings that it can become breakfast! Top with yogurt, cream cheese, or even gravy.

Of course, no gathering for Oktoberfest would be complete without German Potato Salad. My husband’s family ran a catering business for years so the recipe has been finely tuned. So much so that I will not compete or dare to change the ingredients and methods.

Now this next recipe idea is one my amazing friend Sandy G loves to serve up and I think it would go great with everything here! Chipotle Cheddar Bratwurst Dip, have an amazing Lodi Zinfandel ready to see how the flavor buds of both the dip and the wine compliment, enhance and just enjoy each other’s company.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with yummy Desserts

Everyone thinks of Black Forest Cake as the go to for dessert, but here I want to highlight a lesser identified dessert. The Strawberry Bavarian Creme is a family favorite, but perhaps you have never known it had a name. Additionally, you perhaps never knew it has German connections. So the great thing with this dessert is it is very versatile. You can choose different gelatin flavors and frozen fruits, you can even add marshmallows!


  • 1(10 ounce) package frozen sliced strawberries, thawed
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1(3 ounce) package strawberry gelatin (can use sugar free or regular)
  • 1cup whipped cream, chilled (I personally use cool whip)


  • Drain strawberries, be sure to keep the syrup.
  • Pour boiling water over gelatin in bowl, stirring until gelatin is dissolved.
  • Add enough cold water to reserved syrup to measure 1 cup; stir into dissolved gelatin. Chill for about 45 minute, you want it to be thicker, but not completely set.
  • Beat gelatin until foamy with a whisk or hand mixer. Fold whipped cream and thawed strawberries into gelatin. Pour into 1 quart mold or into individual dessert dishes and chill until firm.
  • Unmold; if desired, serve with sweetened whipped cream and garnish with strawberries or other fruits.

I actually am preparing this recipe live on our weekly Wine & Dine call on November 12, 2022. This fun evening starts at 7:30 PM Central/8:30 PM Eastern every Wednesday. Come have fun with us, learn new tips, tricks and taste combinations with wines. Want to learn more about what we do here? Be sure to visit my page on Wine Magic.