Cash Network Direct Getting Started

Follow the below, including the links, for enrolling into the Cash Network Direct system. A variety of new products are being released using this as a platform to help you track sales as well as get you your own links to place into your pages. This is how you will earn commissions from these offers.

STOP. Read everything first. Do it right the first time. There is no benefit to you for being in a hurry. Let’s ensure your are set up correctly. Any question, Please go to your instructor or Me.

cash network direct

Follow this link and apply for a Cash Network Direct account:
Take your time and fill this out with the following information in these fields.

1. Name: Please use your First & Last Name
2. Email: Enter your email account for your PBS business
3. Legal Entity Type: Individual
4. Company or Individual or Website Name: Use your Site Identity – DO NOT USE RRR247 or PBS.
example is “mary smith or Mary’s home shopping. (your pbs Header/Title/site Identity.)
5. Website: Use YOUR url to your site – example: mine is
6. Mailing Address & phone number
7. Billing: Put your Social Security Number in
8. Referral Code – Leave Blank
9. Describe site & methods: Just put PBS
10. Now agree to terms & conditions for Everflow and Cash Network (check both boxes)
11. Submit Application.

cash network direct

The Project Manager will approve you in 24 hours or sooner if possible.

While you wait for approval, watch the following 2 videos to get Familiar with the next Steps.

Welcome Video to Share with all new Partners:

Partner Training: How to Get your Tracking Link for an Offer:

cash network direct

Time to finish set up, get your links, post them and start earning

After watching these videos… check your email. you should have a welcome email and your account has been approved. Follow the directions in the email to create a password for your Cash Network account. Your login information will be:

1. Username will be the email you used
2. Password is the password you just created.

Now You can log in, and complete account information on the Dashboard. Simple steps:
1. Click on “Company” on the left menu
2. Click on “Account and verify all your information is correct.
3. Click on “Settings” to display Billing info
4. Click on “Input Tipalti Billing Informations” to enter your banking information to get paid.

Special Note. You have 2 options. Wire Transfers or ACH.
1. Wire Transfers take a little longer than ACH and a slightly higher fee
2. ACH is Direct Deposit into your preferred checking or savings account. Faster and less fee’s

cash network direct

You are ready to now get your links.

Why are your links important? Because they allow you to earn a commission from any sales done via your page. It is why you need to post ads to bring them back to your PBS. You want traffic as well as sales.

  1. Simply Click on Offers, they are all displayed in the middle of your screen – Only offers that are active will appear.
  2. Clicking on an offer brings up the offer detail page where you click on the Tracking Links Tab
  3. This opens the Tracking Link folder for that offer and it is displayed at the bottom of that file
  4. Simply copy that link and paste it into your PBS page everywhere needed.
  5. Note on the far right side of this grey box is 2 icons – One is for QR Code, the other is for Clipboard.

You are all set and should start advertising that page you just finished by adding your tracking links.

Note from Cash Network Direct… Please remind your teams

1) They MUST use your Referral Link for Cash Network Direct
2) They MUST only sign up once, If they need to change anything the MUST let the MSI know first.
3) Make sure when logging back in they use the correct link to login: