Build Muscle and Lose Fat for Busy Parents

Build muscle and lose fat, it’s the right way to getting into a healthier lifestyle. Especially when on a schedule with the family. We are all busy Moms and Dads.  The best thing to do is to just get going with a routine! However when you aren’t able to fit an instructor into your schedule what is a busy mom or dad to do? Our offer with a do-it-yourself based book is the best option for most.

build muscle and lose fat

No matter what age your kids are, physical fitness is important.  If you are like me, where my sons are grown up, we want to do them proud and be active.  When I was younger and the boys were in Scouts, it was even more important to not just be healthy but to be active with them.  Join them in the activities they loved!  It is one thing to be supportive, it is another to show active support.  Be a coach.  Be an organizer.  Make a start as you build muscle and lose fat.  Everything is important to your kids these days and the more active role you take now in their physical health makes for a better future for your kids.

Stop trying cookie-cutter workout plans that do not work with your life and your busy family!

Whether you’re trying to get a stronger looking body or just show some improvement in your life. It’s time to finally build muscle and lose fat with a plan guaranteed to work with your busy schedule!  But do you even know where to begin?  With this incredible opportunity, it starts you in the right direction and keeps you on track, no matter your schedule!

Build muscle and lose fat

Why the things you tried in the past didn’t deliver the results you wanted:

You start going to the gym, you start a new workout plan, you start eating healthier, you start seeing some results, but then bam!


It is day 37 of your 90-day “body transformation plan” when, before you know it, the soccer season starts. The kids’ practice times conflict with your workout time and you find yourself waking up at 4:00 a.m. to try to get in your 60-minute, 6-days-per-week, workout schedule. Somehow that 60 minutes per day, 6 days per week, turns into 0 minutes, 0 days per week.


You have your workouts all planned out. Then on Tuesday before you head out to the gym, your child asks for help with his or her math homework. Seems simple enough, but after 30 minutes of Googling what the heck “common core” is, 15 minutes of trying to remember what real numbers and prime numbers are, and then another 5 minutes cursing the person that came up with common core, you discover your workout time is depleted. You find yourself skipping workouts and wondering what to do next. Do I start over? Do I keep going?


It’s something else. Some sort of roadblock or obstacle between you and a stronger, leaner body. All parents have these things come up. And these are not freak occurrences. It’s life.

If you’re like me, your schedule does not always work with the workout plans and schedules that fitness professionals put together.

build muscle and lose fat

Build Muscle and Lose Fat even when you are busy!

You can always find a fitness professional who could write out an effective weight lifting plan in less than an hour that will help you build muscle and lose fat. He or she could put together a series of exercises and techniques that are proven to work, backed by science, and validated by their own personal experience and clients’ experiences.

But how would they know if that plan would work specifically for you?

They wouldn’t.

build muscle and lose fat

That is why when busy Moms and Dads are looking for strength training we highly recommend this amazing book. It is put together in a very thorough fashion. Plus they took the time to craft a CUSTOMIZABLE workout system. A weight training plan that works for you and your busy schedule, while you build muscle and lose fat.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter plan that expects you to work your life around. Because this is a plan that creates the habit of working out consistently on the days and times that work BEST FOR YOU.

If you have 3 days per week to work out for the next couple of months, this plan will work for you.

If you have 4 days you can dedicate to working out, this plan will work too.

And if you want to workout 5 days each week, this will (you guessed it) work for you.

You can even work out 3 days one week, 4 days another week, and 5 days on the week after that.   Whatever the case is, this is truly the plan adapts to YOUR NEEDS – your schedule, your kids’ schedule, your life.

The only catch is this: The plan needs you to dedicate at least 3 days per week.

Does that sound doable?

Yes. The answer to that is definitely “yes.” You can dedicate 3 days per week.


THE secret, trick, or whatever you want to call it, is CONSISTENCY. Unfortunately, no one can trademark consistency.

What this program CAN do is provide you with a plan and some tools that will help you remain consistent in reaching your goals. And make no mistake, while being consistent is HUGE, you still NEED a good plan.  Ultimately, build muscle and lose fat.

Using only scientifically proven methods to build muscle and burn fat. It shows you how to use a variety of strength training techniques, and does so in a way that allows you to work out 3, 4, or 5 days per week – whichever works best for you! You also have the option of completing a workout which takes about 30 to 40 minutes or adding finisher sets to get a full 1-hour workout.

A Complete Plan for Busy Moms and Dads to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

While this guide shows you everything you need to do to get stronger and build muscle definition it also gives you the how to do so when you have a crazy busy schedule! In PDF format, this 80-page guide is complete with exercise descriptions, links to streaming video demonstrations, nutrition tips, and more!