Beach Cover Ups for Women With a Twist

Summer means swimming and swimming means beach coverups for women. We love to enjoy our beach time with our families, but where to stash the stuff? When it comes to swimsuits themselves, we always are on the lookout for slimming swimsuits. However the beach cover ups are sometimes a last thought. The stores seem to have some cute stuff but they are not always the most practical. What we have found is the most versatile, multi-functional article of clothing that is so much more!

Sarong Wrap or the Best Beach Bag?

beach cover ups get your beach ready!

When families go to the beach everyone always looks for a place to put the keys to the car, the cellphone and even the cash. You never want to leave it in the car. But now you can take it with you. As you settle yourself and families on the beach, simply unzip the pocket and drop in your keys, cellphone and enjoy a hands free beach time. This product helps you go hands free as you settle the kids with their buckets, shovels, towels, blow up toys. You get the picture. Busy moms never seem to have enough hands!

With this sarong, Mom is not just being efficient with what she needs to get accomplish for the family so she can have some moments of relaxation. She is, additionally, reducing her stress as the car keys and phone are kept safe and sound in the pocket. So much so that as she starts to remove the sarong to enjoy the sun, she will remember just where they are and simply turn this convertible sarong into a beach bag!

Wait…it’s a bag too!? Beach Cover Ups with a twist

This convertible sarong with a pocket can hold a lot more for you when you want to do more than put your toes in the water. Now, with a few simple moves, your beach cover ups can change to a beach bag! Store your sunglasses and sunscreen along with everything else. What’s even better is that you can choose from a variety of colors so you can match any swimsuit or outfit.

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So Mom, go take that quick dip and cool off as well, drop those sunglasses into the bag along with that romance novel you were going to read. Go give the kids some fun memory making actions by partaking in that cannon ball contest or cheer your youngest in the arm floaties as they maneuver around the shallow end. This bag has your back so you can just take a deep breath and go.

When it’s time to pack up, no worries at all. Your choice on this as to whether you just leave everything in the bag as you head back to the car or convert it back into a Sarong. We know being a mom isn’t always glamorous, but with this convertible sarong as your beach cover ups go to, you can strut your walk a bit more.

Invented in the USA

With the pride of America, this product was invented in the USA, specifically the Heartland of America. Angela, the inventor of these products was out to solve her own issue of trying to stash her stuff. She was searching high and low for hands-free purses and bags. Ones that would allow her to be her adventurous self but solve her problem. As a country girl from Nebraska, she took her $20 sewing machine and turned her vision into reality. The SHOLDIT® even has a patent. When Angela took her leap of faith in 2010 and launched her vision to the world. She is implementing expansion into other products.

You really need to go check it out!

Now, one needs to be aware that these products are driven on the following elements: Function, Fashion, Freedom. Angela. She started with the Infinity Scarf with a Pocket and is now expanding into other markets of accessories. These products are relevant to what is going on in the world today.

Other Products to Explore

The flagship product that begins this whole journey can be read about here. The Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket™, is ingenious. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these, even in the deep south of Texas. This stylish accessory will allow me to enjoy going to the various markets we have. As well as, be a great addition for the various trips I get to take with this business: Napa Valley, Florida, Utah, Alabama and of course, back to Minnesota. One never knows when the need will arise where I won’t want a purse and still carry my phone and ID. Oh the opportunities are endless here in so many ways!