Bass Fishing Turtles Lure in the Big Fish

Why do bass love fishing for turtles? Turtles are a natural enemy of fish in both fresh and saltwater because they eat the fish eggs. Alternately, bass fish love eating baby turtles and will hunt them down to save their species. If you have ever gone bass fishing, using a turtle as a lure will land you a lucky strike. Now we bring you an amazing Bass fishing turtles lure that will enhance your fishing experience.


Bass Fishing The Lure of It All

Growing up in Minnesota and now living in Deep Texas, bass fishing is a big competition and hobby. For those that love the feeling of the hit of a bass strike to the overwhelming adrenaline rush of the fight, finding the right location and equipment is a must. This is not something you do to take your kids dock fishing, save that for bluegills and crappies.

Location Location Location

Additionally being on a lake that has a reputation for bass fishing. Usually ones with some fallen trees along the shoreline or known “hiding” areas or shelters. In Minnesota, we have many stocked lakes and man-made lakes that are former mining pits. They will actually flood these pits and leave old equipment in the bottom of these pits, which makes for great habitats for a variety of fish species. Turtles are also using these habitats like fallen logs as they will sun themselves, but also because the lure of the bass fish laying their eggs nearby.

Best Bass Fishing Tips

From a lady’s perspective one of the best tips I can give is to just have patience. Whether you are fishing with kids and beginners or the experts, patience is a must. It can be the best conditions weather-wise or the worst conditions. If the fish want to bite, they will. Fishing is an activity where you are allowed to relax, unwind and just enjoy nature, but still be on the ready for some action. When it comes to bass fishing and turtles, a turtle lures away the fish. So by using this new lure, the turtle will have the tables turned on it and the fish will come biting.

Bass Fishing Tackle Box Necessities

You usually want to have a tackle box with a few essential items other than the lures. A fish hook remover is a great thing because the minute you have a great bass on the line, they swallow the hook. Also, if you are taking your kids in the boat, having extra bobbers to help the younger generation know when they have a fish on is a bonus. They do not always feel the fish hit. Another thing I like to have in my tackle box

Bass Fishing Turtles Lure

One thing we have found when it comes to bass fishing is that bass have a love hate relationship with Turtles! Because turtles are a natural enemy of fish eggs, larger fish are going after baby turtles. Now one would wonder why fisher people haven’t seen this before, but it appears it is more of a secret not well kept.

Bass fishing is a serious hobby. And if you are looking to enhance your bass fishing experience, you need this new amazing lure we have! Bass Turtle from DoomzDNA is a hit no matter the lake, river or whatever body of water you fish. You need this lure in your arsenal today. Trust me! Just get it on order. Pick one of every color if you must, or simply pick your favorite color because fish don’t see colors.

These lures are not just cute, but extremely effective in bass fishing. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!

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