Balancing Chakras a Beginning to a Better Life

Welcome! If you have come across this page on Balancing Chakras, it’s probably because you were on my related page on personal EMF protection or my Learning the Benefits of Crystals. So, you are probably where I was when I first was introduced to crystals and more natural, holistic methods. My goal is to keep this as simple as possible for everyone to have a better understanding. However, this does require an open mind to learn about and without distractions.

What is a Chakra

So just what is a chakra? While there are 7 of them, they are simply an energy center. When your chakras are inline with each other, the body is healthy. Each chakra has a color associated to it, as well as a symbol. Additionally, chakras have their own meanings, which when properly understood, help us to unblock them.

Now the translation of chakra means wheel, so you will see them in a pattern resembling circular formation, similar to a ship’s wheel. Along with the circle, there are connecting lines to each chakra. Thinking back to my childhood, I was always fascinated with the toy, Spirograph. To me that is what the chakra resembles. Almost like we were being taught about chakras at a young age and learn to balancing a chakra.

As a child, we are learning our emotions. How to control our anger, sadness, joy, all the emotions. Learning the proper responses to each, learning to balance our thoughts out. Remember being told to “go think about our actions”? I look at that as a method to learn to meditate.

The 7 Chakras for Balancing

When it comes to learning about the 7 Chakras, be ready to receive the information. What I mean by that, is if you are not in a frame of mind to be receptive of information not in common conversations, you may not fully be able to grasp what is being explained. In addition, you may feel overwhelmed and a little confused. I found this to be true when I first was introduced to the Law of Attraction and my curiosity continues to pique and wanting to learn more.

So here on this article, I want to briefly talk about each of the Chakras, how they affect your life. Keep in mind, they have been around since 1500-500 BC. Originating in India, the Vedas – a spiritual text that is highly prized and cherished – recorded the information on each Chakra. This is significant that this is definitely NOT a New World holistic belief, it has traditions and history backing it.

Religious Connotations When Balancing Chakras

Let’s start with the religious connotations or symbolism. Every chakra has a Sanskrit Translation. What is Sanskrit you ask? Sanskrit’s origins are from South Asia region (aka India). An ancient and sacred language of the religions of Buddism, Hinduism and a lesser known Jainism. Sanskrit may even be the oldest human language and is considered the Ingo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family. It is similar in status to Latin and Greek languages. Although known as being a written language, recent movements are trying to bring it back as a spoken language. Knowing this helps a person understand a bit more of just how old and treasured the knowledge of the Chakras are.

Additionally each chakra has a number and color associated to it. Below we will identify those as well as the Sanskrit translation, location in the body, energy source purpose, as well as how to identify when your Chakra is in balance. Do not try to memorize this, but rather learn to appreciate it and focus where you feel you need it. Soon it will become easier to recognize different areas in yourself, and in turn help you to keep in tune with your body.

Where are the Chakra Points for Balancing?

balancing chakras

Root – 1 – Red – Muladhara

Location: Bottom of the tailbone. For women it is in the cervix and for men it is the perineum.

It receives it’s name “root” because it is the energy source that keeps you grounded. It keeps you connected to your physical, bodily energy. Just like plants and trees, the root system is crucial for survival. This includes the act of breathing, eating, sleeping, and experiencing physical security.

When your Root chakra is in balance, you will feel a deep sense of peace. A feeling of safety, a knowing, that your core needs are being met. As a result, all total body healing begins here.

Sacral – 2 – Orange – Svadhisthana

Location: A couple inches below your belly button in your pelvic region

This is where your creativity comes from, your place of the self.

The great thing with this chakra is that the energy assists you in enjoying your life here on Earth. Giving you motivation to enjoy all that you create, your fruits of your labor. Including good food, artistic activities and sex, the pleasurable activities we experience in life.

When your Sacral chakra is in balance, you learn to enjoy the finer things in life, however it will keep you in balance to not overdo them.

Solar Plexus – 3 – Yellow – Manipura

Location: Upper abdomen, stomach area.

Your Solar Plexus chakra affects your self-confidence and your esteem. Reflect on those stomach issues of indigestion or perhaps you have battled ulcers in the past. What causes do you blame for those issues. Think real hard because the majority of people with self-confidence and esteem issues also have stomach or digestive health issues.

When your are able to balance your Solar Plexus, your self-confidence and esteem will bloom, in addition, your stomach will thank you.

Heart – 4 – Green – Anahata

Location: Center of chest, just above the heart. Frequently called the heart center.

Those with a block on their heart chakra are known for taking care of others first and not themselves. Self care is crucial for a healthy life. Balancing the heart chakra opens a person to feeling more secure, more loved. As the middle chakra it is the bridge between the upper chakras and the lower chakras. Those who feel lonely, isolated do not have their heart chakra in alignment. Balancing this chakra just helps our life become more enjoyable. Actual physical ailments one can manifest because of this chakra is being blocked include asthma, heart problems, even weight issues.

I can personally relate to this and work daily to keep my Heart Chakra in better balance. Prior to my acknowledging that this was a “thing”, that it wasn’t a bunch of “Hooey”, I would experience isolation even when in a group of people. I never truly felt like I fit in. I have always explained away my extra weight as hereditary. However, life is teaching me that I am in control of every aspect in my life. The weight is coming off slower than I put it on, but I no longer eat when I feel lonely. I am also surrounding myself with others who accept me for who I am. Additionally I am discovering that those who accept me are often with the same mindset as my own.

Throat – 5 – Sky Blue – Vishuddha

Location: Throat – Communication

Blocks with our communication isn’t just about our ability to speak. Personally I have the gift of Gab! However, when I am not completely sure of my stance on a subject or know my stance will cause issues with another person, it is like my throat closes. I feel like I cannot get enough air into my windpipe, my voice gets raspy. Growing up, I experienced many occasions where I was told my opinion didn’t matter, that my knowledge didn’t matter, and that I was flat out wrong and needed to keep quiet. That experience at a young age, at a developing time period of our lives carries forward into adulthood.

There are also many times that I felt like I inserted my foot into my mouth during a conversation, speaking without thinking. I appear foolish when I do such things. However, it is a need to communicate and trying to push through my block. Since I have found this opportunity working from home, I speak much more confidently and with compassion.

Other signs that you may be experiencing a block of the throat chakra can be physical such as mouth, teeth and gums issues. Stop and think about it. Are you grinding your teeth because you are holding back words? Start balancing your chakras in small steps at a time. Sometimes outer

Third Eye – 6 – Indigo – Ajna

Location: Between the eyes and brows. Also known as the Brow Chakra.

Children are great users of their imagination. And we often call that gut feeling your intuition. Both are tied to the Third Eye Chakra. Someone who needs to look closer at balancing their Chakras are those that suffer from headaches, or perhaps they are suffering from hearing or sight issues. Hearing issues are also inclusive of concentration as well as listening. Especially those proverbial “know it alls” who just will not listen to reason or reality. When you come across someone who sees the big picture and trusts their intuition, their Third Eye is open as well as aligned.

Crown – 7 – Violet/White – Sahasrara

Location: The top of the head

The Crown Chakra is literally connected to each and every other chakra, all the organs as well as our brain and the nervous system. When this chakra is blocked, people appear that they are narrow-minded, perhaps stubborn or even skeptical. Learn to balancing this specific chakra over all the chakras will lead a person to bliss and enlightenment.

Chakras Are Our Energy Centers

As these are all energetic centers of the body that correspond to feelings, one of them probably resonated with you as you were reading. A different one may resonate with you tomorrow. It’s likely that one resonates with you more than any others as a continuous problem, a chakra where you often deal with blocks. Other blockages may pop up every now and then. In the chakra system, these patterns have specific terms and there are recommended treatments.

In conclusion, the easiest way to begin to understand what Chakras are is to look at the different energy centers that corresponds directly to feelings. More than likely you can relate to at least one of these, and perhaps tomorrow a different one will resonate with you. Do not expect to learn overnight how balancing a Chakra works, and more importantly, do not try to balance them all at one time. This is learned over time as you get to know your inner self. But know this, as you make yourself more aware of yourself, balancing a chakra will become a 2nd nature.

A Personal Experience in my Path Balancing My Own Chakras

A personal experience: I remember a few years ago I stopped in to a local mystic and metaphysical shop that carries stones and crystals, among other items. As I entered, one of the shop employees approached welcoming me to the shop. As I wanted to learn more, I was trying to ask questions about the various stones and crystals. She stopped me midsentence and asked me if I had ever looked into unblocking and balancing chakras, specifically my Throat Chakra. I was floored. She read me completely correctly. At my job, I was feeling very stressed, having migraines and finding it hard to express myself to others. Communication failures. She guided me with information on working through it. Now, not everyone understands metaphysics and therefore, do not believe. Just remember, you do not know what you do not know. Do not judge. And I am no longer experiencing the issues I had been having with my Throat Chakra, but I work on all of them every day.

Balancing a Chakra

One key factor for me in balancing my Chakras is to take a closer look at my life and physical surroundings. You may not think of it as affecting you, but one symptom I had for my crown Chakra was migraine headaches. Then multiple new product offerings came into my realm and we are now marketing them. – Restore My Spectrum and EMF protection is a very real “Thing”. EMF is suspect in most migraines, therefore with that knowledge, I didn’t feel I had anything to lose by at least trying some of the products. Guess what? By introducing a few of these products into my surroundings, including my phone and office, I have experienced very few migraines in the past year. Pictured here is one of my favorites! This compares to a few times a month before I added them to my life. Start simple. Keep it simple. Start enjoying life again!