All Roads Lead to Wine and My Dreams

All roads lead to wine, well in my case, my road starts with wine. It is interesting to note how certain decisions during our life bring us life lessons. Both happy and sad events, good and bad choices; all impact the directions our lives take us. In our case, we were empty nesters, trying to build up our savings. Working fulltime jobs that were salaried instead of hourly helped us to see that working harder for someone else was not going to lead us down a road of achieving our dreams. In fact, it wasn’t even going to meet our lifestyle needs in the near-term.

No one else will live our lives for us. We each have to make our own decisions, create our own dreams. If you happen to have someone who will pay your bills for you, then perhaps, your decisions are not yours to make. However, in our case, we want to determine and control all aspects of our life and dream. Also in our case, all roads lead to wine.

One Decision Leads to the Road to Wine

all roads lead to wine with your own wine label

One decision that kicked us off onto the right road was choosing to find something I could do from home, rather than getting a Part-time job. That results in yet another boss. I want to be the boss. I started looking into and participating in various work from home opportunities. None ever really filled all our needs. None ever gave us an opportunity that I am in now.

Turning back time

If we look back 10+ years ago, I was in a different opportunity and a different mindset completely. An MLM where the leadership told me I will never be a success, I will never be a leader. Looking back now after giving that opportunity 5 years of my life trying to make something out of nothing – no support, no mentoring, no guidance, it was a road that still leads me to wine. Because one of my best friends who I met through that MLM suggested the original wine club! We need to accept all things that come our way and make the most of it.

In October 2017, I travel to New York by Plane, Train and Automobile literally by flying into Baltimore. My amazing friend, Cheryl, picks me up and we travel by automobile to her home in Pennsylvania. The following morning we board a train to Manhattan that drops us off in front of the hotel, The New Yorker. This trip is for a wine convention. It leads us to meeting so many people, some who later escort Cheryl and I as we are walking to Times Square. This road also leads us to Rory in a hotel foyer in New York. It is also my first experience with True Mentors! People who truly want you to succeed.

That is the epitome of both Rory and Tanya. Each leadership trip and event I attend, I glean more gold nuggets from everyone who attends, because each of us are a Leader! Believe in yourself! Especially when others believe in you!

Reflections of My Dreams

Now reflecting back on the past 5 years and see all that I have accomplished in that period of time. I continue building this business with multiple streams of income, it is coming to a culmination. A result that I am achieving more than I ever initially dreamt I could do! Now that I have built a belief in myself, I am unstoppable. However, I really owe it all to Rory Ricord for his dream to create this opportunity of RRR247 in the first place. Secondly, I owe it to him because he was the first person, a mentor and leader, who truly believed in me and told me that directly. The tone of his voice told me that he sincerely meant it. The only other person who believes in me is my husband, who kinda sorta has to put up with me.

When you get that kind of support from a mentor and you start seeing success, you develop a posture, an attitude. I took it back to the office, that Full-time Job that I spent most of my adult life at. A total of 27 years. It is ironic that the owner of that company did not encourage me to be an entrepreneur. He also tells others that retirement is not a good thing.

Well, I can say that retirement from working a job at age 50 and now owning my own time is an AMAZING feeling! A Freedom! When I set everything into motion to walkaway from the job, it took me 8 months to do so. Did I do it alone? NO! I have a team whom I have shown the vision and system we have here and they in turn are sharing it with others. We just keep duplicating.

All Roads Lead to a Wine Label

A couple years ago, shortly after starting with our Wine club, a contest for earning a wine label was created. The significance is that the label is not a “one and done”, but rather it will be added to the collections with new vintages. I never thought that I would be “good enough” to ever do that. In 2021, my good friends Nile Eddy & Donna Walker Meyer each earned their own labels – The Nile Eddy Pinot Noir and Donna Walker Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a huge reveal at our Inaugural event at the Vineyard in Napa Valley, California. In addition, we got to enjoy these 2 new wines along with others that are now shipping to our doors. A great BBQ spread, music, grape stomping and much more, but the culminating point of the event was all the recognitions of achievements.

Ethos Award

all roads lead to wine with an ethos award

There was even a moment for a special award, Ethos Award where it is given to 1 person each year who exudes all that is being represented as being part of RRR247 and our exclusive Wine Club. Someone who truly follows all of the Core Values, demonstrates leadership, as well as has a great understanding of the vision of Rory & Tanya. Looking around at the 90-100 of us sitting at the various tables, it was great to know that it could go to anyone, except the name Rory called out was….ME!!! Start the water works! Yeah, didn’t even consider it could be me. I just do as Rory and Tanya ask of each of us.

Next up, the Top 20 were given beautiful, high quality jerseys and I earned #7! WOW! I am in the top 10! If you knew me 10 years ago, I couldn’t even get out of the bottom 10,000 in that opportunity. So I was feeling very proud for achieving something that I never before thought possible, but now know I can achieve so much more.

Taking on the Next Challenge Head On

In Mid July 2022, Rory was leading us all in our Saturday wine training and a challenge was issued. Firstly, Rory named me as one of the those in the running to earn my label on one of our exclusive Wine Ambassador Wines. Talk about a dream I never put into consideration! ME! I literally sat back in my chair. Too stunned to do much else.

Then Rory issues the challenge: Create your dream wine label. So I started daydreaming, except I put pen to paper with ideas. I want the label to mean something to not just me, but my family as well. So it needs to reflect Family. And speaking of which, both of our sons are military, one vet and one active duty. I am a very proud Momma and love bragging about our sons. I am also our family genealogist, though the last time I really dedicated a ton of time to getting everything up-to-date was over 20 years ago now.

My Wine Label Design is Leading All Roads Back to Wine

The picture at the top of this page is my interpretation of what I want in a wine label. The Tree of Life, an oak tree, has great roots that spread wide and deep. This is similar to all that I consider family. Not just my own family with my husband and our sons, the extended family with many cousins, but also those friends here at RRR247 that I consider family. Additionally, the multiple generations it has taken all the branches of my family to grow to make me who I am today.

The variety of countries our family heritage is just as wide and vast like the roots of the tree. Sometimes they peek up out of the ground to make you trip and bring your attention to what is important in life. But like all roots and branches, they lead back to a central location, by merely following it up back to the trunk, back to the base. Where everyone gathers and creates more memories. All Roads Lead to Wine.

The same can be said for the grapes used in the wines in our vineyard, the care of our caretaker harvesting the grapes at the exact right time. Including the pruning of the vines and the off-growing season care to ensure the next season is better than the previous. Where we place our trust in the winemakers we have summoned to use their talents in creating the finest, highest qualities of wines and the wide quantities of varietals.

Giving Gratitude for our Freedoms and Sacrifices of Others

Another point of observation of my label is the soldier and the Marine nestled in the tree. It reflects not only our sons, but also honors our other family members on both sides who fight for our freedoms both in the past and to this day. To those reading this, thank you for all you have given in sacrifice. You know who you are, and I tip my wineglass to you.

A Wine Chosen for Me

all roads lead to wine and red wine and roses create an amazing site

Now when it comes to the wine itself, I see a refreshing, bold, full of flavor Red. Where our craftsmen winemakers create their art without shortcuts. Something that puts a smile on your face as you smell the aromas, hints of cherry, perhaps even a hint of bourbon from the oak barrels. When the tannins burst open on your tongue, hitting all the different areas where taste buds are lying in wait. The smile grows. One where the royal ruby red color shines through the glass as you offer a toast to those you consider family and the foods gracing your table.

All Roads Lead to Wine and Winning

The earning of a wine label is achievable for me and for everyone here in our exclusive Wine Club. For a total of 4 years, one person will receive the greatest honor, a wine label that represents that person. It culminates the meaning of All Roads Lead to Wine. We are striving to grow our businesses and one stream of income is our wine club.

Ok so it’s 2023, obviously someone was blessed with earning that wine label. It wasn’t my time yet, however, my friend, Deanna Young was bestowed the wine label on our Malbec. So now just 2 more years remain for the earning of a label. It can be anyone – EVEN YOU!

Join my team – Grow together

In summary, I have achieved many dreams and milestones all based on belief. My own and from my mentors. I have earned the last 3 Leadership Retreats to Punta Cana, Destin and most recently Waikiki. So to those who didn’t believe in me 5-10 years ago, perhaps you should take a closer look in your own mirror.

Leaders are mentors. Mentors raise people up. A great leader continues to reach out and find additional mentors. Striving for continuous improvement. Finding new roads if the one they are on is leading them no where. If you have ever thought, even a smidgen of a thought, that you would love to own your own time and work from home, you need to reach out to me. I believe in you.

Now perhaps maybe the thought of your name being on a label of wines isn’t going to drive you to come join my team. But as they say “All Roads Lead to Wine”! Come join my Top 10 team today! Let me lead and mentor you. We are Marketers and we are the new way of working from home. You can even follow me on Social Media as I continue to grow as an Entrepreneur, a Mentor for others

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.