5 Steps to Online Success

Welcome to your 5 Steps to Online Success with us. Because we are already succeeding, we are ready to “Pay It Forward” and help you to Succeed. We have proven that the Performance Blogging System works. And it is a “System” that is available for anyone to “Win” with. It is merely a matter of following the System. This your Guide Page, and you will be able to go through this all in order. It is a simple process of 5 steps.


5 steps

This is the introduction to the Online Success World; where Posting Ads and Creating income through the power of “Performance Blogging” begins. GO HERE (IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!).

  • Here you will be able to Activate your own Performance Blogging System (PBS)
  • You will be given access to Rory Ricord’s Book; “Marketing Is Freedom” which is a literal Users Manual for the World of Marketing you are now engaging in. This will help you to know and understand the verbiage of the Industry; as well as have an initial understanding as to how and why “What we do” works. Furthermore; it is huge for your mindset for success and in giving you a great level of what to expect and knowledge you need to succeed.
  • While you are reading, listening (Or both), your PBS will be getting set up by our CTO and Tech Team.


Once your Performance Blogging System is fully Active and Online; you will be receiving an Email from your Instructor Entitled “PBS #1 Welcome to your System”.

You will be set up with your initial Session to get started with your Instructor and your Performance Blogging System. Session 1:

  • This is where your understanding and access to the actual offers and promotions we have that are proven. We work with you promptly to see that they become additions to your PBS. This is a turn key SYSTEM for SUCCESS. You will gain access to the very same offers and promotions that are working for Rory. It is a System, and not a suggestion. Do what Rory does, get what Rory gets.
  • You will be educated on the Marketing Premises and Understandings of Performance Blogging.
  • Further Education to explain the many ways of Marketing that we utilize; and how to get them all going for you.

Then we go into Part 2 of your Initial Training, Session 2:

  • We will continue to get you set up with all of the Proven and Effective Offers and Promotions. It is all about having the right Offers for your Performance Blogging System. Because we have it already proven; we work to get you onto the same path we are currently on and winning with.
  • And you will be into the full Customization and “Authorship” of your Performance Blogging System.
  • You will be fully immersed in the education and learning for “The Art of Performance Blogging”.


Education on utilizing Paid Marketing. This is Marketing that is Paid for by Rory and Tanya Ricord. Their Philanthropy is backing you. As a partner with them and the entire RRR247 Marketing Family and Support Team.


You will be given access to our LEVEL Program of Understanding in the Paid Marketing Methods. This is where you learn from Level 0 to Level 1.


You are educated into Level 2 and beyond to build even more with the entire System. Because you will be following the System; by Step 5 you will fully understand and be part of the entire System now. You will have a full understanding and by applying the education to build your Multiple Streams of Income; and have full access to all the resources you can use to build.

Plus, because you know it, and are benefiting from the System now; you are also ready to “Give Back”. We are pleased to share this System with others as we “Pay It Forward” and help others. We are on a mission to help a Million Households across the Globe to create Multiple Streams of Income. Start your 5 steps now!

Get Ready For Success! These 5 Steps to Online Success are going to give you a path to succeed. And we are with you every Step of the Way.

Being is Business, and succeeding is difficult in itself. No one should be doing this alone, especially in a fast pace and changing environment such as the Internet. Because we are succeeding; we are able to share success that is happening “Today” with our Students. As a result, your success is a matter of following the System, a simple 5 step system.

Furthermore, the System is designed to reward your Instructor only when you succeed. We win together. Today, tomorrow, and into the Long-Term Future ahead.

Finally, the processes and System that we are sharing with you here; has been proven for more than 13 years. Because of the growing success; we are excited to have you join in what we are doing.

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.